Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ):

1. Are you a registered non-profit organization?

Yes. We were incorporated in 2008 with the Secretary of State and received nationwide, 501c(3), tax exempt status from the IRS in 2009.

2.Are You a Church?

We are not a church even though the word “ministries” is contained in our name. Churches do not have to apply for tax-exempt status. Since we are NOT a church, we had to apply, pay a fee, and wait for approval, which was received in 2009.

3. I work two jobs, have children, and I need 200 hours by next week, can you help?

Yes. As long as you contact us BEFORE you need the hours… we can help.

4. Can I have my Probation officer contact you?

Yes. We’d actually prefer that you have your community service overseer contact us prior to completing your hours. This allows transparency and trust for both parties involved.


5. Will I complete the community service hours with Handmaidens Ministries Inc, or with another organization?

We are not a community service agency. Unlike some organizations that can be found online, we will not charge you a “Finders Fee” and then refer you to another company. Handmaidens Ministries Inc is a licensed, Non-Profit organization and we are able to place and outsource work for our clients to complete for our organization.


6. Can I just pay for my community service Hours? I’m too busy to actually spend time on completing community service hours.

No, you can’t pay for hours directly, but we still are able to help you complete your hours in a manner that will help your specific case. Please give us a call after registering at 800-630-3385.