Community Service Near Me In New York

Some of our most frequent volunteers are from the following courts… If you don’t see your court on the list, we can still help you. Just give us a call at 800-630-3385:

  • New York Metro

  • Queens

  • Bronx

  • Westchester County

  • Manhattan

  • Long Island

  • Suffolk County

  • Erie County

  • Brooklyn

  • Suffolk County

  • Nassau County

  • Monroe County

In many courts in New York, probationers are required to find their own organization to complete their community service hours.

Our most common volunteers include people who are struggling to find places to do community service, or those who’ve had a bad experience with helping other organizations. With our community service program, we provide flexible, and dynamic solutions for your community service requirements.

We accept everyone regardless of their offense.
Our most frequent clients have had probation, citations, or traffic tickets.

Why is court ordered community service hours required in New York?

Court mandated community service hours are frequently mandated as a sentencing requirement to be completed by New York residents, especially in probation and citation proceedings. Attorney’s, on occasion are able to persuade the bench to allow their clients to complete community service hours as a substitute for fines or jail time.

Some organizations have requirements such as the need for a drivers license and clean driving record; the type of work which an individual convicted of a DUI may not be the ideal candidate. Some courts will provide a list of organizations they prefer to have their clients work with, while other courts and probation officers require that you find your own 501c(3) organization to work with.

Although many non-profit groups will accept court ordered volunteers; because of safety precautions and liability issues, some organizations will not work individuals with felonies, violent crimes, animal cruelty, theft charges, etc.

Things to consider while deciding on an organization:

  • Type of criminal offense, (i.e. theft, sex crimes, assault, etc)

  • Quantity of community service hours needed

  • Amount of time remaining to acquire these hours.

  • Type of service you are willing (or capable) to provide to the organization.

If you are having trouble finding somewhere to get your community service hours done, we can help. If you have been required to complete community service hours because of a violent crime charge, sexual assault charge, animal cruelty charge, or similar charges causing your search for community service hours to be more difficult than necessary, give us a call.

We help everyone, and we will treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve.  We understand that people make mistakes, and we also understand that innocent people are charged with crimes they didn’t commit.

Your life shouldn’t be ruined because you got caught in “the system”, or just had a bad day.